Types of Content that Generate Traffic and Sales for Shopify Stores

Content marketing is a powerful tool to attract visitors and convert them into customers. However, not all content types are created equal; some are more effective at generating traffic and sales. In this article, we explore the types of content that can propel your Shopify store to success.

1. Blog Articles

Blogs are a classic but effective way to attract organic traffic. Publishing relevant and useful articles to your audience not only improves your SEO, but also establishes your store as an authority in your niche. To learn more about how a blog can benefit your store, check out our article on how to use a blog to increase the visibility of your Shopify store

2. Videos

Video content is highly engaging and can convey a lot of information in a short time. Videos of product demos, tutorials, and customer testimonials can increase conversion rates by providing a clear view of what you offer. Plus, videos are easily shareable on social media, expanding your reach. For strategies on how to promote this content, review our strategies for promoting your content through social media .

3. Infographics

Infographics combine information and visual design to present data in an attractive and easy-to-understand way. They are ideal for explaining complex processes or highlighting important statistics. Infographics are not only popular with users, but they are also highly shareable, which can increase your online visibility.

4. Guides and Ebooks

Offering downloadable guides and ebooks is a great way to capture emails and nurture your leads. These resources should provide significant value, such as solutions to common problems your customers have or detailed information about your industry. By capturing these leads, you can use them for future email marketing campaigns, thus increasing your chances of sales.

5. User Generated Content

User-generated content such as reviews, photos, and testimonials can be incredibly persuasive. This type of content offers social proof and builds trust among your potential clients. Encouraging your customers to share their experiences with your products and highlighting this content in your store can significantly increase your conversion rates. For more information on the importance of content marketing, check out our article on why content marketing is important for eCommerce .

6. Publications on Social Networks

Social media posts are essential for promoting your content and driving traffic to your store. From product images to stories behind the brand, social media allows you to connect directly with your audience. Implementing strategies to promote your content through social networks can help maximize the impact of your publications.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. Sending newsletters, exclusive offers, and personalized content can keep your subscribers engaged and increase sales. Make sure your emails are engaging and provide real value to prevent them from ending up in the spam folder.


Diversifying your types of content is key to attracting and retaining your audience. From blogs and videos to infographics and user-generated content, each type of content has its own set of benefits. Implementing a well-balanced content strategy will help you maximize traffic and sales on your Shopify store.

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With the right mix of these types of content, you'll be well on your way to improving your store's visibility, attracting more traffic, and most importantly, increasing your sales.
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