How Thirdlove manages to reduce returns using this photography technique

## How does it work?

If you enter their online store and access the page of any article, you will see how they use 360-degree photography.

ThirdLove has made use of this technique so that customers can better view the product from different angles. It is as simple as putting the mouse over the image and moving it to the left or right so that the image starts to rotate in one direction or another and thus you can see much better what the bra is like in this case.

![Thirdlove 360° Photography - Example of how Thirdlove, a lingerie brand created for all women, uses 360-degree photography to showcase its products to customers.](// 2456a7dfcff46f16f0cf03ddf2a2ee2e/Fotografi__a_360_Thirdlove.png)

If something is clear, it is that customers want to see as many images of the product as possible in order to make a better purchase decision, and 360-degree photography is a very good option for this.

> 360° photography helps customers make a better purchasing decision.

## What is it for?

### Return rate - RR

360 degree photography helps to lower the RR (Refund/Return Rate). Product returns are one of the most important concerns for any eCommerce business. Not only do they imply a high cost for the business, but they also imply a negative response from customers, having been dissatisfied with the product received, which can translate into a bad reputation for the brand.

Customers need to make sure of what the product is like before buying it so that they are not surprised when they receive it at home. For this reason, it is very important to provide images with 360° vision, since in an online store the customer does not have the possibility to touch the product or see it in person.

This technique of providing 360° images gives a detailed and quality image of what the item they are going to buy is like, helping to reduce product returns, since customers can get a better idea of ​​what the product is like before buying it. .

### Average session time in the store

It also helps to increase the Average Session on the Website. By adding 360 photographs on the product pages of your e-commerce, you encourage your customers to stay longer on your pages, looking more carefully at the items they are going to buy, preventing them from leaving your page and perhaps never coming back. .

### Conversion rate - CR

It also helps to increase the CR (Conversion Rate). To be successful with an ecommerce you need the products to stand out from the competition, and for your customers to see them as the best products.

For that reason, 360° photography is very important and helps to stand out and attract customers better than the competition. This technique of displaying images in 360° allows you to provide visitors with a much more interesting and interactive experience, getting a better idea of ​​the quality of the product you offer and this trust is what will ultimately make the customer buy in your store.

In short, the more attractive the visitors see the product, the better the conversion rate will be.

## How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

### Example 1

If for example you sell backpacks, 360° photography can also be very useful, since these products have many interesting features that need to be shown and what better way than with 360 degree product rotation?

### Example 2

It can also be applied in the case of having an online sunglasses business, in which you could see the product from all its angles, so that the client does not miss even the smallest detail.

Actually, 360° photography can be used in almost any type of ecommerce. There are also cases in which using this technique would not be necessary and would simply involve an extra cost.

For example, in the case of selling books, unless it is a special edition book, it might not be so interesting to offer a 360° view of the item.
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