How Priceless implements waiting lists in its store when a product runs out of stock

Do you lose customers because you don't have the items they are looking for in the size or color they need? If the answer is yes, learn how Priceless implements waiting lists so as not to lose customers to the competition.


Shop Priceless is a clothing brand created by women for women. Founded in 2009 as an online store where you can find all kinds of trending fashion items. It was born with the mission of providing women with high-quality clothing but at an affordable price so that they can always be up-to-date without breaking the bank.





How does it work?

By accessing their online store and then one of their products that does not have stock in one of the sizes, you will see what they do to avoid losing the customer who wanted the product in that size that is not available.

Page of the product being viewed - Clothing brand created by women and for women, where you can see the different images of the item you are viewing with the different sizes and colors available.

Imagine that in this case you wanted this Priceless dress in size M and they have just run out of stock. If you click on the size you intended to buy, a pop-up or pop-up window will open in which you are invited to leave your email address so that you are the first to know when the dress will be back. in stock so you can buy it before it runs out again.

Pop-up to sign up for the waiting list - Pop-up window that appears when the product in the size you need is not available at Priceless.

This means that when the brand, in this case Priceless, receives stock of that product in the size you need, it will send an email notifying you that the dress is back in stock.

Allowing potential buyers to sign up on a waiting list is very beneficial both for the customer and for the online store itself.

In the case of customers, when they enter an online store looking for a product that later turns out to be out of stock, they have two options:

  1. Go to the competition to find a similar product

  2. Wait for the product to be replaced and enter the store every day to know when the product is available to buy again.

But if you implement something similar to what Priceless does in which the customer provides you with the email address, then when the product is back in stock, a notification is sent to your email informing you that you can now purchase the product you want. I was looking for so much

Allowing shoppers to join a waiting list is very beneficial for both parties, both for customers and for the store itself.

In this way, the customer would not have to spend part of their time entering and re-entering the online store to check if the item is back in stock or search other brands for a product similar to the one you sell.

In the case of the online store, thanks to implementing the waiting list when a product is out of stock, you could get a sale that you might not otherwise get, losing a customer in favor of the competition.

What is it for?

email conversion rate

Letting users know when the product they were looking for is back in stock helps increase email conversion rates. When the company, in this case, Priceless sends an email notifying the customer that the product they want is back in stock, it is a simple but effective way to get the people who had left their email for when the product they wanted returns to be in stock, they end up buying it.

Therefore, applying this technique in your online store can help you increase the conversion rate of the notifications you send by email.

Conversion rate - CR

It also helps to increase the CR (Conversion Rate) known as Conversion Rate. This feature can help increase sales and therefore increase the conversion rate thanks to making customers who left the online store because the item they wanted was out of stock come back to buy it.

This is achieved thanks to allowing them to subscribe to a waiting list so that you send them a notification when the product they want is back in stock.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

In this case, giving customers the opportunity to sign up for a waiting list in which they are notified that the product they wanted is back in stock, it can be used in any type of e-commerce, regardless of the type of products you sell, since you will always be able to benefit from having this utility in your online store.

Whenever you want to increase your sales and retain customers so that they do not go to the competition, do not hesitate to use the notifications via email of products in stock.

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