How King Ice makes the checkout process so much faster

Learn how King Ice, a leading brand when it comes to hip-hop jewelry, makes the purchase process for its customers much easier and faster, using the one-click checkout.

king ice

King Ice was founded more than 14 years ago, which has made it a benchmark in terms of hip hop jewelry, and is also a very popular brand among young people. Their jewels are so popular that they have appeared in movies with Will Smith, music videos with Katy Perry and Chris Brown, in popular magazines, television shows... They have also collaborated with major film companies such as 20th Century Fox, Marvel and Warner Bros. In addition, they make custom jewelry for famous hip-hop stars.





How does it work?

When you access their online store and then any product, you will see how they use the one-click checkout, also known as one-click checkout.

King Ice knows how important the payment process of an online store is, since the easier and faster the purchase process is for customers, the higher the sales will be. In addition, nowadays everyone has a very busy life and nobody wants to waste their time in long purchase processes, but they want the process to be as simple as possible and that in just a few minutes they have already been able to make their purchase.

The easier and faster the buying process is, the higher the sales will be.

For this reason, as you can see in the screenshot, they have included a blue button called "BUY NOW" on their product page.

One-click checkout by King Ice - Example of how they use one-click checkout, making the purchase process for their products as quick and easy as possible. To do this, add an extra button to add to cart, such as the blue Buy Now button.

If you click on that button, a pop up opens, in which the customer can directly fill in all their information and complete the order.

King Ice one-click checkout, purchase process - Pop-up window that opens when you click on the "Buy Now" button of the one-click checkout offered by King Ice, where you can fill in your information and buy directly avoiding unnecessary steps.

With one-click checkout, now the purchase process will become an easy and simple process, avoiding a large number of unnecessary steps that only affect the customer experience.

In short, these buttons will take your customers directly to the purchase process, without the need to go through the cart page.

What is it for?

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate - CAR

The one click checkout helps to reduce the CAR (Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate). This is so because by omitting the cart page and eliminating unnecessary steps, the probability of the customer forgetting their items in the cart and leaving the online store, without buying anything and perhaps with the intention of never coming back, is reduced. .

What usually happens is that the more pages customers have to go through until they finally checkout, the more cart abandonment rates increase, as they require more time to complete the purchase.

For that reason, using the one-click checkout, you can reduce the CAR, making the purchase process much faster.

Conversion rate - CR

It also helps to increase the CR (Conversion Rate). If you direct your customers to the purchase process after finding a product they like, it increases your sales and therefore the conversion rate.

The faster, more comfortable and easier the purchase process is for customers, the more sales you will be able to close.

Recurring Purchase Rate - RPR

The one-click checkout helps to increase the RPR (Repeat Purchase Rate). The reason is that by optimizing the purchase process and making it easier and faster, you help keep your customers happy and that makes it considerably more likely that they will come back to your store to buy in the future.

Customer satisfaction is vital in any e-commerce, so a checkout process without unnecessary steps helps provide a good experience for customers and that helps them want to come back to buy from your store again and again.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

In this case, the one-click checkout can be used in any type of ecommerce, regardless of the type of products you sell, since you will always be able to benefit from having this utility in your online store.

Whenever you want to increase your sales and have your customers more satisfied with your online store, do not hesitate to make use of this type of purchase process that is much faster, easier and more intuitive, with which both your customers and your business will benefit.

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