How Good American uses different models to facilitate its customers' decisions

Do you want your customers to feel satisfied with the purchase they have made in your online store? Learn how Good American uses models with different body types to showcase their products and facilitate the customer's buying decision.

Good American

It all started at the end of 2016 when one of the women of the Kardashian clan, in this case, Khloé together with her partner Emma Grede launched their own line of jeans ranging from size 00 to 24. Such was the success that the first day They managed to bill almost 1 million dollars. They wanted to launch jeans that fit all bodies, no matter what size you were. That idea arose because they themselves found themselves with the same problem whenever they went to buy new jeans, it was difficult for them to find one that adapted to their body type, having to always make alterations. Now four years later they have expanded their catalog to other products such as dresses, jackets, sportswear...





How does it work?

By accessing their online store and then any of the collections, you will see how they use different types of models to show off their products.

But why do they use women with different body types? Very easy! So that visitors can get a better idea of ​​how the products, in this case clothing, will adapt to their body type and thus help them in their purchasing decision.

We enter any of its collections, in this case we have entered Skinny Jeans, and as you can see it gives you the option to choose in which model you want to see the pants. They give you 3 options of women, with totally different bodies and measurements. You can change to the model you want at any time so that it shows you the products in that person.

Different models to display the products on - Example of how Good American displays its products on models with very different body shapes from each other.

This new way of displaying products is a way to further improve the customer shopping experience.

In this case, as we have already said, Good American instead of using a model, whose measurements may or may not coincide with those of the clients, has 3 models with 3 totally different body shapes. You can see what their height is and the size they need of the product that they are showing you at that moment so that the potential buyer can choose which model best suits their body type and get a better idea of ​​how that product could fit them. .

Showing the products in different body types helps to improve the shopping experience of the customers.

What is it for?

Return Rate - RR

The use of models of different sizes to show the products helps to reduce the RR (Refund/Return Rate). The size of the clothes or that they do not fit as they expected, are usually one of the reasons why many people return the products they buy online, which is a very important problem for the store since product returns suppose a high cost.

Customers need the reassurance that what they are buying is the size they need and will fit their body type perfectly and online store owners need to do everything they can to reduce return rates and satisfy customers. customers.

That is why it is so interesting to show images of several models with different sizes and body types wearing the same product. Showing, for example, how Good American does pants on a model with a size 0, on another model with a size 8 and on another with a size 16, is helping its customers to find the size they need and to make a more informed decision. right when buying.

This will translate into more satisfied customers and a decrease in product returns, since the size they have purchased thanks to being able to see the product on a model with a body similar to theirs, is what they really needed.

Conversion rate - CR

It also helps to increase the CR (Conversion Rate). A pair of pants or any other item often fits one way on a model, but then looks totally different when you try it on yourself.

Therefore, showing the products using models with different sizes and bodies helps the customer in their purchase decision. The reason is that the potential buyer can see the same item on different body types and get an idea of ​​how the product will fit before receiving it at home.

This makes visitors have a better shopping experience, which translates into higher sales and therefore an increase in the conversion rate.

Recurring Purchase Rate - RPR

Using models of different sizes to show the products they sell and giving customers the option to choose the type of model helps increase the RPR (Repeat Purchase Rate).

The reason is that customers have a better shopping experience in the online store and are more satisfied with the purchase they have made thanks to being able to see the products in models with bodies similar to theirs and not being disappointed when they receive the product at home. for not being what they expected. All of these reasons keep customers buying again, which helps increase RPR.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

Example 1

Using different models can also be used in the case of having an online store where earrings are sold, for example.

You could use models with different types of face (oval, round, square, diamond face…), so that your store visitors can choose the type of earring that best suits their face type, since the shape of the face is very important when selecting the right earrings.

Example 2

Something similar could also be used in the case of having an online store where makeup is sold.

As? Using people with different skin tone. The reason is that depending on the color of your skin, some colors or a tone of makeup will favor you more than another, but in an online store you will not be able to try the products on your own skin and see which ones are the best. you better feel

Therefore, it could be useful to use models with different skin tones to help customers decide what makeup to buy and be satisfied with their purchase.

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