How Fashion Nova uses the real-time counter to create that sense of urgency

Learn how to create that sense of urgency in your visitors just like Fashion Nova does in its online store with the real-time counter. Use this type of tools when you are making any promotion or offer on your website.

Fashion Nova

With more than 18 million followers on Instagram and with celebrities such as Cardi B, Kyle Jenner or Nicki Minaj among others, Fashion Nova has become the most sought after fashion brand in 2018 by all those women with curves who have difficulty finding clothes that fit your body well. They offer the most sought-after trends to their clients but without having to break the bank to be able to dress in fashion. Although their main business is women, they have not wanted to leave out the male sector, which is why they also offer articles for them. Fashion Nova is based in downtown Los Angeles, and already has 5 stores spread across southern California, which surely won't be the last.





How does it work?

Fashion Nova uses a counter on its main page in which they show how much time is left for the offer that they are currently applying in their online store to end.

As you can see in the image, under the main banner that shows you which products or collections are on sale, there is a counter with a phrase that encourages you to buy before time runs out and you can't buy those products you are looking for at a more affordable price.

Fashion Nova Home Page Counter - Example of a real-time counter on the Fashion Nova home page, the most searched fashion brand in 2018, showing you the time left until the offer ends.

If what you want is to create that sense of urgency in your online store when you are carrying out promotions, limited-time offers, new product launches, etc., this type of countdown timer is one of the most effective tools you can use. to get it.

Encourage your visitors to buy with a real-time counter before time runs out.

What is it for?

Conversion rate - CR

This type of counters in real time help to increase the CR (Conversion Rate). Creating that sense of urgency can be a very effective method that motivates buyers to make their purchase decision much faster, since if time runs out they won't be able to take advantage of discounts or promotions.

Countdown timers are a highly visual element that you can use on your page to encourage customers to buy from your online store before time runs out.

The fact that the visitors of your online store see a counter that tells them Hurry up or you won't arrive on time! It is a great incentive so that they finally end up making the purchase now and not leaving it for later.

Cart Abandonment Rate - CAR

They can also help lower the CAR (Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate). Many times, visitors to online stores tend to browse the page, add products to the cart, and then walk away leaving the forgotten products in the cart for later.

But that "for later" often becomes "forever", since they do not return to the online store to complete the purchase. This behavior leads to high cart abandonment rates, which translates into lower revenue.

But if you add some products on sale on your website with a countdown timer that says “Flash Sale! Everything at 50% for the next x hours" you manage to get the attention of potential buyers and they consider making the purchase now to be able to take advantage of the offer and not leave the products in the cart for later.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

Counters are often used to promote special events like Black Friday, Christmas, flash sales, and any other limited-time offers.

For this reason, this type of tool can be used in any type of e-commerce, regardless of the type of products you offer to your customers, since you will always be able to take advantage of using real-time counters to create that sense of urgency. that encourages customers to act before time runs out.

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