How to facilitate the customer's purchase decision with an augmented reality tool like Apt2B

Do you want to remove one of the most important barriers to ecommerce? Not being able to see or try the product as you would in a physical store is one of the challenges that ecommerce faces. So, learn how Apt2B makes it easier for its customers to make the purchase decision thanks to the augmented reality tool they use, where you can see how the furniture of your dreams would look like in your home without leaving home.


Behind Apt2B are Alex Back and Mat Herman who together decided to launch an online store in 2011 where they offer furniture and decoration items with a very careful style at affordable prices.




Furniture and decoration

How does it work?

If you are looking for a sofa for your new home, on the Apt2B page you will be able to see how the sofa of your dreams looks in your living room without leaving home.

As? Very simple, you just have to enter one of the sofas that they offer on their website.

We have entered the first product that appears, in this case "Carson Sofa".

Product page being viewed - Apt2B product page, a furniture and decoration company created by Alex and Mat in 2011, from which you can see the different images of the item, add it to the cart and see how the product can look in your home.

Once inside the product, you can see that under the "Add To Cart" button, another button appears, which says "See this in 3D".

If you click, it takes you to a page where you can choose a room from a series of styles or upload your own image of the room in which you want to place the sofa you were looking at when you clicked on the button.

Page that appears when you click “See this in 3D” - It shows you a page where you must choose the room or room in which you want to place the piece of furniture you are looking at at that moment.

We have selected the "Open Living Room" style to see how the product can fit in a room with these characteristics.

When clicking, the sofa that we were looking at located in the room appears directly.

This tool offered by Apt2b allows you to move the sofa to place it in different areas of the room, as well as being able to rotate it to put it in other positions.

It also allows you to change the product to be placed in the room in case the sofa you have chosen does not convince you, try different colors, etc.

Visualization tool in operation - Page where you can see how the Apt2B product looks in the room where you want to place the product.

Once you have chosen the sofa that you want to have in your home and where you are going to place it in the room, it gives you the option of sending it by email in case you want to show it to a family member to get their opinion or download it to keep it at hand whenever you want.

Send by email or download the final result - Apt2B gives you the option to download the file to your computer or send it by email to always have it at hand, either to review it later or to show it to someone so they can give you their opinion about the same.

This tool is still a very important technological advance that, implemented correctly in our e-commerce, can be very useful for our clients.

In this case, in which you are looking for the sofa or furniture of your dreams, thanks to this tool you can try it before you buy it, because who has not wanted to try a piece of furniture before buying it and see how it would look at home in the position we want?

What is it for?

Conversion rate - CR

In a physical store, a customer can enter, see and try all the products they want before making the decision on which one to buy.

This is not possible in an online store, but thanks to this type of tool you can help the customer make a better decision.

This tool helps consumers to visualize how the product would look in the room in which they want to place it, which makes them feel more secure and ends up giving them the push they need to finally buy the product in your online store.

Using an augmented reality tool where the customer can view the product at home without moving, helps increase sales.

In short, most buyers like to explore the different options they have before making a purchase and thanks to this very useful tool they can experience this virtually from the comfort of their home, increasing online sales and therefore the conversion rate of your store.

Return Rate - RR

This type of tools helps to reduce the RR (Refund/Return Rate). Customers who buy online tend to buy more than if they did in a physical store, and then return items that do not fit what they thought due to color, measurements, etc.

For this reason, product returns are usually very high in online businesses and that implies a great cost.

It is much easier to make a decision when you are in a traditional store and you can see what the furniture, the sofas are like, sit on them and see what they occupy, right?

That is why using this virtual tool in which to visualize the product at home is something very useful that helps customers make faster and more accurate purchasing decisions.

Thanks to this tool, the store's return rate can be reduced, because the customer can buy with more confidence that the product they are going to receive fits perfectly in the room they have chosen to display it in their home.

Average session time in the store

This augmented reality solution also helps to increase the Average Session on the Website.

Allowing visitors to see how the products would look in their own homes makes them spend more time trying on and choosing the item that can fit the room perfectly, preventing them from leaving your page not sure what to buy.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

Example 1

In an online store that sells rugs, it could be very useful to use this type of augmented reality solution.

Implementing this type of tool in your online store could help your buyers find the perfect rugs for their rooms and thus create a memorable shopping experience for the customer.

Example 2

This tool in which you can see how the product looks at home before buying it can also be used in the case of selling floors.

In this way, visitors can try different types of floors, colors... in the different rooms of the house to help them make better decisions.

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