How Colourpop increases its sales thanks to recommendations

Learn how Colourpop, a cruelty-free cosmetics brand founded in 2014, uses the cross-selling technique, also known as Cross-selling. Thanks to which it increases the value of the average order of its customers and improves their shopping experience.


Colourpop is a cruelty free cosmetics brand founded in 2014 in Los Angeles. It offers a wide variety of products, including eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc. at very affordable prices, which is why it has become a very popular brand among the millennial generation.





How does it work?

If you enter their online store and access the page of any item, you will see how they use what is known as cross-selling.

What exactly does it do?

Colourpop cross-selling - Example of a Colourpop cross-selling, a cruelty-free cosmetics brand created in 2014, in which you can see how they recommend another product to their customers that complements the item you are currently viewing.

In one of the images, we are looking at a lip liner and Colourpop recommends a pencil sharpener to its customers as a complementary product.

In this way, a person who intends to buy that product will probably also end up buying a pencil sharpener if they do not already have one at home, since it is something that you will need to be able to use your product. Colourpop using this technique would be increasing the chances that the customer would end up buying more products.

Colourpop Cross-Sell - Example of a Colourpop cross-sell where for a lipstick, the product they cross-sell is a lip liner of the same colour.

In another of the images, in which the product we are seeing is a lipstick, what they recommend is a lip liner. Also, if you change the color tone of the lipstick, the color of the liner also changes, being the same shade as the lipstick you have chosen. This way you can go to the game, facilitating the purchase without having to search in your store for the color that combines with the lip liner you are going to buy.

Colourpop makes it easy for your customers to buy, thanks to using the cross-selling technique.

Colourpop simply puts the recommendation of the product under the description of the item that you are currently viewing with a phrase that encourages you to add it to the cart if you want to go with it, such as "GET THE MATCHING LIPPIE PENCIL" in the case of lipstick or with KEEP ME SHARP in the case of the lip liner so you never run out of edge. Then they put a brief description of the product and give the option to add it directly to the cart without having to enter the product itself.

What is it for?

Average Order Value - AOV

It helps to increase the AOV (Average Order Value). Cross-selling is a highly recommended tactic that works very well in most businesses because by suggesting complementary products to customers, you motivate them to buy more products that add value and therefore increase AOV.

But for cross-sells to be effective and help increase average order value it is very important that they are relevant to what the customer wants to buy, so try to make cross-sell suggestions as specific as possible, looking for products or collections of products that work well with each other.

For cross-selling to be effective, suggestions for other products need to be as specific as possible.

Customer Lifetime Value - CLV

Cross-selling is an excellent technique to increase CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). Carrying out cross selling effectively not only increases the income of your e-commerce but also improves relationships with customers when you suggest items that they may need and that add value to them.

In other words, with this technique you provide them with better shopping experiences and build stronger relationships with them. This will translate into an increase in the customer life cycle.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

Example 1

Do you own a shoe brand and want to know how you could use cross-selling? Very easy! Here some examples:

  • Offer matching laces with the shoes that the client is viewing, so that they can change them whenever they want.
  • Offer a pack of socks that will always be necessary to be comfortable with the shoes.
  • Offer some cleaning products to keep the shoes as new.

Example 2

If, on the other hand, you have an online store where you sell proteins, cross-selling could also be very useful. Examples:

  • Offer a shaker so that the client can prepare and drink the protein shake in an easy way.
  • Offer another type of sports supplement.
  • Offer some item of clothing, such as sweatshirts, pants... to be able to practice sports comfortably.
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