How Calpak offers the customer the possibility of estimating when they will receive the product at home

Do you want your customers not to have a bad shopping experience in your online store? Allowing customers to estimate, thanks to the zip code, how long it will take to receive the item at their address, helps them not have a bad shopping experience.


Calpak is a family business that has been in business since 1989. It is a globally recognized brand of luggage and travel gear. They are known for creating durable and attractively designed luggage.




Travel goods

How does it work?

By accessing their online store and then any of the products that Calpak sells, you will see how they give customers the opportunity to estimate when they can receive the product at home.

The main reason for allowing potential buyers to estimate the delivery time of the order is to motivate them to buy and so that the shipping time is not what puts the customer back in the last step of the purchase process.

We are going to go into any of the products that Calpak offers. In this case we have clicked on Luggage, Luggage Sets and then on the first product that appears.

Product page being viewed - Calpak product page from which you can see the different images of the item, add it to the cart and know when the order will arrive at home before adding it to the cart.

Inside the product, under the ADD TO CART button is where you can enter the zip code and thus know when you can receive the order at the indicated address.

By entering a zip code, for example 92037, it estimates when you will receive the order in that zip code if you make the purchase at that time, so you can decide if it is worth buying in that online store or prefer to go to another where the weather shipping is less.

Estimation of when the order can be received at home - Thanks to entering the postal code of your city you can know before adding to the cart, when you can have the item in your hands.

A negative shipping experience can have a very negative effect on your relationship with your customers. A high percentage of consumers would not buy from your online store again due to a bad experience with the shipping service offered.

Entering the zip code helps to estimate the shipping time of the product from the online store to your home.

For this reason, offering on the product page the possibility of estimating, thanks to the zip code, how long the customer can have the product they are looking at at home, can encourage the customer to add it to the cart and finally buy.

What is it for?

Conversion rate - CR

Giving the possibility to the visitors on the product page to know in an estimated way the delivery date of the product thanks to the postal code helps to increase the CR (Conversion Rate).

Customers will know thanks to this feature when the items will arrive, eliminating the uncertainty of having to wait until the payment process where you add your delivery address to find out when you will receive it at home.

Cart Abandonment Rate - CAR

It also helps to reduce the CAR (Shopping cart abandonment rate). Many times customers leave the store right in the last step of the purchase process because the shipping time is longer than what they had estimated or thought at first.

For this reason, allowing customers to know before adding the product to the cart when they are going to receive it at home helps us reduce the cart abandonment rate, since from the outset they are informed of the time it will take them to receive it. the item they want at home.

How can you apply it in your ecommerce?

In this case, the shipping delivery time estimate can be used in any type of e-commerce, regardless of the type of products you sell, since you will always be able to benefit from having this utility in your online store.

Whenever you want to increase your sales and improve the rate of abandoned carts, and of course offer your customers a better shopping experience, don't hesitate to make use of this type of feature.

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