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+200 marcas Shopify han confiado en nosotros 🤙

● Expertos Shopify

🛍 Diseño y desarrollo Shopify

Desde la estrategia online de la marca hasta la puesta en marcha, te ayudamos en todo lo que necesites. Diseño UX & UI y desarrollo Shopify a medida o sobre plantilla.

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🛟 Soporte Shopify

Somos expertos en Shopify desde 2015. Cualquier cosa que necesites hacer en Shopify, nos encargamos. Configurar apps, solucionar problemas, crear nuevas funcionalidades... Lo que sea.

📊 Crecimiento Shopify

Como especialistas en Shopify, te ayudamos a identificar áreas de mejora y a implementarlas para que aumentes las métricas principales como el AOV, LTV, CR, CAC, etc.

● Qué dicen de nosotros

⭐️ "Migramos con esta agencia nuestra tienda online desde otra plataforma y, aprovechando, realizamos además un reposicionamiento de la marca y extensión de funcionalidades. Son muy eficientes, flexibles y resolutivos. Además nos asesoraron, apoyaron con la línea visual y recomendaron cosas que funcionan mejor… Es un gustazo trabajar con ellos!"

👨 Manuel Mercado

🛒 Siwon

🇪🇸 España

⭐️ "Dani was easy to work with, polite and responsive. He executed the designs exactly as I requested and gave advice on UX too. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again and I am pleased to have found someone who I can reach out to with all my developer needs."

👩 Kimberley Tecles-Byrom

🛒 Goya

🇬🇧 Reino Unido

⭐️ "Working with Dani was a very easy and rewarding process. He is well versed in all aspects of Shopify set-up. Beyond creating an appealing store that looks great, Dani provided tips and suggestions to made my Shopify experience much smoother. Dani is responsive and communicates well. He was receptive to my remarks and suggestions. If you want an attractive store with high functionability, I would recommend Dani."

👨 Pablo Márquez

🛒 Groomfy

🇪🇸 España

⭐️ "Dani from Iduxtech is an extremely thoughtful and hard worker! He is extremely responsive and has been instrumental in getting my store to where I would like it. He has gone above and beyond the call of order and executed brilliantly on all aspects of design, development, analytics, and user experience customization. Thanks Dani! Highly recommended for any of your Shopify needs!"

👨 RC Willenbrock

🛒 CompIQ

🇺🇸 Estados Unidos

⭐️ "Dani has been a great resource for our business. He is skilled, efficient and highly communicative, which are all important when working with remote resources. He actively researches questions I've got, and responds with his recommendation. We're so happy to have Dani on our team."

🛒 Little River co.

🇺🇸 Estados Unidos

⭐️ "Descubrimos la agencia Onil a través de Shopify Experts y la verdad es que no hemos podido quedar más satisfechos. Algo de lo que más he valorado es la buena comunicación que hemos tenido. Entendieron a la primera y a la perfección nuestras necesidades, cumpliendo más que de sobra con las expectativas. Además, cuando terminaron sus horas de trabajo tuvimos una llamada donde me explicaron todos los cambios y la forma de gestionar los descuentos en nuestra web. Por lo que además aprendí algún que otro truco. Sin duda los recomendaría. Rápidos y efectivos"

👩 Aitana Cabañas

🛒 Farmacia Malasaña

🇪🇸 España

⭐️ "It has been amazing working with Onil. We are not very familiar with Shopify technical issues and working with them has been a relief. There are always there when you need them and they always provide you a quick and efficient solution. Highly recommended!"

👩 Ixone Elosegui

🛒 Glo® International

🇬🇧 Estados Unidos

⭐️ "Amazing guy, super talented technical skills, great communication and very efficient with his work. He did a ton of work for us on Shopify and we came out extremely happy with the outcome. If you are looking for someone to help you with your Shopify store look no further."

The Local Flea

🛒 👨 Luis Perez

🇬🇧 Estados Unidos

⭐️ "I've been using Dani since November 2016 on a ongoing, as needed basis. Having an e-commerce business where the landscape is forever changing and we're constantly testing things, it is invaluable to have someone always there to help with quick fixes and larger website projects. Dani is pretty responsive and gets the work done quickly. He is always able to replicate what I'm after. Dani is an affordable, quality solution and I definitely recommend him!"

🛒 Oak + Mini

🇬🇧 Estados Unidos

⭐️ "Dani was incredibly helpful, patient and knowledgeable. He always answered all my emails and questions and set the website up to look exactly how I wanted! I am so happy with the finished site and Dani is super nice and efficient to work with!! Definitely recommend."

👩 Tammy Green

🛒 Prene

🇦🇺 Australia

⭐️ "We contracted Dani (ONIL) to create for us a responsive eCommerce site that works across mobile, tablet, and desktop, and we are pleased to recommend him to anyone looking for this. Dani did an amazing job on our site and his work is second to none. He expertly and professionally developed a Shopify store with all the integrations we needed, that looks aesthetically pleasing and functions perfectly. When glitches were found in testing (as they are with any website creation/development), Dani fixed the little glitches quickly and to the standard required, with minimal impact to us. We have no hesitation in recommending Dani and invite anyone considering him to look at our site for an example of his amazing work. Thanks Dani!"

🛒 MissMr

🇦🇺 Australia

⭐️ "We hired Dani to bring our e-commerce store to life and he did an amazing job. Not only did he build our website functionally and to our aesthetic, but he's also been available to trouble shoot and make modifications as our e-commerce needs have changed. We are located in two very different time zones, but that has never been a concern. He is quick to reply, communicative, cordial and very kind. We are so thankful to have Dani on board and will continue to hire him in the future. We couldn't' have done this without him!"

👩 Heather Murray

🛒 Meadow

🇨🇦 Canadá

⭐️ "I highly recommend this company. I had struggled for more than a month to get my issues resolved with integrations between Shopify and social media. After hours with IT gurus trining to help with no result, I hired Dani. He was very responsive on the ball at all times and only wanted to fix the issues to completion in a timely manner. He is professional, patient, very knowledgeable and if there was a 10 star, I would give it to him. Thank you again."

👩 Tracey Shindler

🛒 Bella Leigh

🇺🇸 Estados Unidos

⭐️ "Nos ha ayudado mucho contar con Onil para el desarrollo y adaptación de nuestra tienda en Shopify, como expertos que son en su gestión. Habíamos trabajado antes con otra agencia, y era todo mucho más complicado. Onil es un partner de confianza, que hace las cosas con agilidad y transparencia, para que la página funcione bien y sea estéticamente atractiva. También nos han asesorado sobre que aplicaciones eran las más adecuadas a instalar, y han realizado su instalación. Recomiendo que si tienes una tienda en Shopify y necesitas soporte, cuentes con ellos."

👩 Miren Garcia-Chazarra

🛒 Glo®

🇪🇸 España

⭐️ "I've been working with Dani for already 6 months. We created a new theme for our website and once launched continued improving it. Dani is a very positive person, highly responsive and eager to solve any issue. I'm glad we work with him on this project - the website looks better and better every week!"

👩 Anna Dudoukin

🛒 Niasha

🇨🇭 Suiza

⭐️ "Very knowledgeable, patient and professional. Dani is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"

🛒 Dermal Therapy Canada

🇨🇦 Canadá

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